Easy DIY Oven Cleaning Tips

After years of baking and roasting, the sides and bottom of your oven will be caked with reside and grease. Sure, there’s plenty of store-bought cleaners but most are so toxic-smelling your kitchen ends up smelling like an industrial plant. Is there a way to clean without the harsh chemicals? Read some below.

The Basic – Baking Soda

The most common ingredient in all DIY oven cleaning tips is baking soda. It’s safe, natural and most of all most likely already sitting somewhere in your house. Here’s an incredibly low-cost recipe to work with:

  • Water
  • Gloves – rubber preferably
  • Damp dish cloth
  • Bucket or spray bottle
  • Non-metal spatula

It should go without saying, but take out the over racks before you start cleaning. After that, mix the baking soda in a bowl with the water until it becomes a paste that’s easy to spread over the oven. The ratio of water-to-baking soda should be set as needed.

You spread the paste over the surfaces of the oven. Really get inside all the nooks and crannies, don’t leave anything behind. But stay clear of any heating coils or elements!

Once the baking soda becomes a brown-black color, close the door and let it sit overnight. Use the time to clean the oven racks (which you’ll get tips for after this).

When the paste has dried out, use a damp cloth and take out all of it. Rinse out the damp cloth and set it aside. Pour the vinegar in a spray bottle or bucket and apply it were there’s still baking soda left – it’ll help in clearing out the hard-to-reach bits. Take the cloth and wipe down the oven one last time.

Oven Rack Cleaning

There’s a few choices in cleaning out the removed rack. Here are three of them:

Bathtub – Put the racks down on the tub, fill it with hot water and dishwasher soap, and let sit for 10-12 hours uncle all the food particles on the wires are loosened and read to be wiped clean from a cloth.

Ammonia – This is useful for the more serious cases of grease and burnt food. This one will need to place the racks in a trash bag filled in ammonia and let the soak for hours. There’s versions that use the oven as well.

Self-Clean – While on the subject of using your oven, if your oven’s self-cleaning function is working, you can use it to at least heat up the grime and clean them out when they’ve cooled down. Mind you this does affect the metal of the wire from the heat after a while.


There’s a lot of variants to cleaning with baking soda, and more way to clean your racks, but start off with these so you’re not breathing in noxious fumes.

When all esle fails or you just think that doing it yourself is too hard and time consuming you can always call professionals for oven cleaning in London